Quality Objectives

Total customer satisfaction by providing our products and services with a high level of quality at competitive costs.
100% reduction in every reported case of “Zero Hour” failure at customer’s end.
To achieve timely delivery for a minimum of 90% orders, subject to agreed terms and conditions.
To provide customer support and service within 3 – 24 hrs at least 90% of the time.
Continual upgradation of technology to enhance our products life and reliability through systemized manufacturing & services.
Product quality enhancement through high quality raw materials, strict adherence to drawings and specifications, minimizing of rejections and rework, quality assurance through testing & measurement, and through all levels of production inspection before dispatching.
Continuous in-house and external training of all employees to upgrade their knowledge and improve their skills.
Provide facilities and work environment that is safe, healthy and clean.
Generation and dissemination of knowledge to generate and sustain efforts for conversation, development and efficient energy management and resources for

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