Chairman’s Message

Dear All,

Teamwork, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence continue to be the driving forces behind the growth and success of KDF. Our management, Engineers, Plants, QHSE, and support staff work together in harmony to support and serve our client and customers.

It is the commitment and enthusiasm of each KDF’s employee that fosters our continued success. Each employee contributes his or her own exceptional skills, knowledge, and experience in performing the required work that elevate KDF products and services quality into exciting new areas, while maintaining operational excellence in ongoing support of our customers.

I believe that continuous improvement is fundamental to our organization. We carry a heavy burden in many ways, a rich history and reputation that we are proud of, trustworthiness of our client that we will always preserve and exhilarating ambitions that we must achieve. continuously improving as individuals and as an organization will maximize the value we provide to our customers, while enriching our lives, meeting our commitments to family and community, and ensuring KDF’s long-Term viability. I am proud to be part of the KDF team, a team that never fail to overcome economic challenges, pandemics and always striving to be the best.

Together we shall continue to lead the market and continue our quest for success.

Abdulaziz Alaradi

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