Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction

We at Kuwait Drilling Fluids & Oil Services S.A.K.C are committed to enhance our customers’ satisfaction by providing drilling fluids, oil & gas treatment chemicals, water treatment chemicals and services to exceed our customers’ expectations and meet statutory and legal requirements.

Market Leadership

Growing and developing our business relies on anticipating and meeting our customers’ needs and wants to continually improve the effectiveness of QMS through incremental improvements in all processes that lead to customers’ satisfaction.

Preferred Employer

We at Kuwait Drilling Fluids & Oil Services S.A.K.C are very selective in our recruitment process. Recruiting, training and investing in people is our main priority to provide high quality products and excellent service to our customers.
Maximizing the contribution of our people by integrating the wisdom and experience of all our employees to develop systems and processes that would improve the quality of our products and services is our motivation method.

Quality Assurance

We are always committed to delivering high-performing quality products to our customers by continual adoption best practices in the industry and setting a benchmark in the trade.

Environmental Protection and Conservation

Environment protection is a main pillar in the oil & gas industry. Therefore, we promote and foster a commitment to environment protection and conservation of energy and resources among employees, suppliers and customers.
We Use raw materials from sustainable sources wherever viable and consistent with the customers’ requirements, make use of opportunities to minimize waste, reuse or recycle materials.

Financial Performance

We ensure that we achieve all our financial targets, profitability and sustained business growth by maximizing our performance in the above areas.

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